Salary Surveys

We typically provide pay data as part of an overall engagement to design, develop and implement strategic pay programmes.

Our expertise is incentive compensation design

Benchmarking pay for key positions within our clients is typically an early and vital step in the process towards creating a systematic, fair, market-based and robust pay structure.

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When would we use Salary Surveys?

We typically provide pay data as part of an overall engagement to design, develop and implement strategic pay programmes.

We have in-house proprietary sources (eReward, Main Data, Citypay) for markets outside North America.

Occasionally, our clients are looking for specific, or tailored pay information from the market which others cannot provide. We can obtain that through a ‘club survey’ [tailored survey] process amongst agreed peers.

Simon and team provided independent, expert analysis and insight to our Board as we evaluated our remuneration policy and provisions. Their market benchmarking was thorough (based on a broad range data sources) and thought-provoking (providing challenge regarding appropriate comparator groups). It became clear they deeply understood the challenges we faced.”

Catherine Claydon, Board of British Steel Pension Fund and Member, Remuneration Committee

A typical pay survey engagement takes the following form:

Our benchmarking looks at the whole remuneration package in comparison with the client’s own plans, including:

  • Base salary
  • Bonus
  • Long-term incentive plans
  • Pensions, where possible
  • Benefits

We aim to provide details of bonus and (if relevant) long-term incentive schemes. Bonus plans may be very simple or more complex. Long-term incentive details sought will include characteristics such as the level of opportunity, performance metrics, deferral requirements and the ‘currency’ of the plan (shares, options, phantom shares etc).

We also provide data on benefits paid.

We typically request [under the terms of a pre-signed Confidentiality Undertaking] up-to-date compensation data for client staff (including job ‘points’, job families etc) and any other key data.

We will agree the peers we choose to include amongst the proposed ‘benchmark’ companies. We normally begin with a list of ‘possible peers’ and build consensus from there.

As part of our data gathering, we may also obtain data from recent hiring experience.

It is likely that we will rely on sources from many companies and several ‘peer groups’ such that we can provide clients with the clearest possible picture of the market(s). We try to ensure that we are looking at companies of a size that is reflective of the client, in terms of market capitalisation and revenues.

Some roles are far more widely disclosed than others - but we endeavour to provide detailed analysis for each position within the agreed scope.

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