Non-Executive Director Remuneration

About Our Non-Executive Director Remuneration Consulting Services

Focus on executive pay has never been more intense and shows no signs of abating. Every global crisis brings a new wave of scrutiny and increased governance compliance.

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At the same time, the remit of the Remuneration Committee is broader that it has ever been, and the associated responsibilities and risks, particularly for the Chair, are increasing.

Are your non-executive directors being paid adequately for today’s unique challenges? Are they able to stay abreast of the wave of changes and demands placed on them in the current climate of investor and societal pressure?

We help give our Remuneration Committee clients the confidence to know that their pay programs are appropriately stretching and defensible to even the harshest critics.

At Rem.n, we have decades of experience of achieving consensus on the appropriate remuneration for all Board Directors and can help navigate the politics that are often at play. We are not afraid to be frank with our advice – the benefit of being able to be a truly independent advisor

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