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We work with clients that are experiencing rapid change. Leadership teams face common challenges. We offer a robust, independent view. Our recommendations are practical and timely.

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The challenges faced by senior management in these circumstances are common to businesses whichever markets they are addressing.

Today’s social and economic environment requires Boards and future leaders to possess different skills to the past – technology and cyber risk expertise, as well as being competent in ESG and DEI matters. The route to the C-suite has expanded, and it’s not unusual to see a CTO (Chief Technology Officer), or CIO (Chief Information Officer) on the Board.

Leadership styles too are changing and are as likely to focus on empathy and employee wellbeing, and how to lead in the workplace of the future, alongside organisational performance. The emergence of the hybrid workplace requires a radically different leadership approach to that of the traditional office.

Ensuring the Board is fit for purpose should be a priority. Alongside this, compensation programs should support the attraction, development, and retention of a pipeline of talented individuals with the right skills, rewarding the right behaviours.

We offer a robust, independent view – based upon multiple years of experience with Boards and Executive Management Groups around the world, with practical timely advice to help CEOs and their Boards ensure that their leaders are a good fit – both for where the organisation is today and where it needs to be in the future.

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