Incentivising business growth and change

We support growing businesses as they transform.

We support growing businesses as they transform

Our experience ranges from, on the one hand, digital transforming businesses looking to disrupt and change business models through to, on the other hand, traditional businesses evolving to compete in a new market-place, a new business world.

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Our team has many years of experience working with clients as they adapt incentive pay to new business imperatives: new investment, new markets, new management, new management.


  • A biotech company delivering new non-invasive diagnostics: the management team was based in the UK but looking to list on NASDAQ. The Remn team benchmarked executive pay against UK norms as well as the NASDAQ market, ensuring the attraction of special talents, retention of unique individuals and ensuring all compensation elements aligned with regulations both in the UK, Europe and the U.S
  • A highly successful FinTech company providing software and lending solutions to businesses: the new company was designed around assets to be spun-off from a fund management partnership seeking to de-risk its portfolio. Our role was to design the incentive plan for NewCo, align the interests of both the new management team and the previous ownership, and act as a fair and unbiased advisor for a reward solution which achieved the objective of a successful listing and successful divestment while meeting the governance expectations of new investors in a listed entity. In effect we acted as independent expert and arbitrator of management packages going forward at a time of divestment from the main fund into a subsequent IPO.
  • A rapidly growing Oil & Gas company focused on accumulating geo-assets in West Africa: we benchmarked key management and developed incentive plans design closely linked to strategy, taking into account a unique risk/reward profile, remuneration philosophy and pay policy
  • A new UK quoted company focused on strategic infrastructure projects and physical asset lifecycle management: we reviewed proposed long-term incentive plans, provided clear governance guidelines for the new enterprise and ensured the allocation of equity available for incentives created growth.

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