Executive Remuneration

About Our Executive Remuneration Consulting Services

We help you understand what success looks like in the future and help develop incentives for senior talent that align management achievements with their rewards.

Executive Remuneration the Rem.n way

Our firm was established specifically to provide a global, independent firm offering independence and a focus on the specific requirements of best practice remuneration governance

The team consists of former leaders of major human resource consulting firms in the US and Europe

We offer expertise in performance measurement, alignment and incentive compensation design as well as state-of-the art benchmarking and alignment techniques

We offer strong references, long experience

Our proprietary CEO Value Index database (est. 2012) is the result of years of research to (i) demonstrate the benefits of simplicity and consistency when tackling executive pay benchmarking (ii) a new ‘MoneyBall’ approach to executive pay (and performance) analysis

We have a reputation for responsiveness

We have a robust record with shareholder bodies, and are well known to key investors in Europe and the U.S.

We ‘wrote the book’ on best practice remuneration governance

The Gold Standard in Incentive Remuneration
co-authored by Simon Patterson

Directors’ Remuneration in Europe – A Pan-European Perspective
sponsored by Simon Patterson’s firm

Founding members of The Remuneration Consultants’ Group 
co-authors of The Code of Practice

Chairman of The Reward Technology Forum; Chairman, The Transparency Steering Group; Chair of the ENG Annual Compensation Benefits Conferences in Europe; Chair of the annual Neovation Conference

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