Our extensive remuneration consulting services, and expertise explained.

Consulting Services

Executive Remuneration

We help you understand what success looks like in the future and help develop incentives for senior talent that align management achievements with their reward.


Non-Executive Director Remuneration

We provide truly independent advice and can help navigate some of the difficult conversations that arise around Board Member’s Remuneration and Governance.


Incentive Plan Communication

We have the expertise to develop the right communication strategy to ensure that you are telling your pay story effectively, both internally and externally.


Specialised Expertise

High-Growth Startups

Our expertise is supporting the ambitions of newly minted companies and companies that are on a rapid growth trajectory, funded by institutional and private investors.


Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide specialised support to companies as they grow through merger or acquisition, as well as organically.



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Executive Pay and Salary Surveys

Salary Surveys

We typically provide pay data as part of an overall engagement to design, develop and implement strategic pay programmes.


Case Studies

Veon Limited

VEON Ltd. is a Dutch-domiciled Nasdaq-listed multinational telecommunication services company. It predominantly operates services in the regions of Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Martin Baker Aircraft

Martin Baker make the ejection seats for installation in many of the world’s air forces globally. They remain an ‘old fashioned’ family-owned engineering company despite being the world leader in their field.

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Trufin plc

London Team were selected to act as ‘neutral independent advisors’ on the divestment of assets by a major Fund Management Partnership to form a new company: ‘Newco’, eventually TruFin plc, the listed fintech business

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Hawk-eye Innovations

A private company with unique sports technology IP, developed in the UK. The IP had wide applications globally, and huge growth potential. The company was acquired by a world-scale corporation

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