Hawk-eye Innovations

The Problem

The Corporation acquired this rapidly growing UK tech company with a view to it being key to the company’s continued growth in this sector, but the existing remuneration programme(s) failed to deliver a competitive opportunity likely to retain the team…. the management team are threatening they will seek a VC-backed alternative, and walk…

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How we helped

We created an innovative long-term incentive programme which captured the imagination of the Hawk-Eye team - the team remain, to this day, one of Sony’s most successful divisions

Design Work

Benchmarking pay opportunity against a ‘model’ of a VC-backed start-up, and re-creating similar upside, while at the same time the programme within the context of a closely managed, and world class corporate owner

  • Benchmarked against Venture Capital ‘models’
  • Innovative ‘Rising Tide’ design
  • Accepted, highly effective

Challenges/Complex requirements

This was a unique programme, requiring complex sign-off, globally.

The economics required knowledge of how venture capital (VC) backing actually works, and the plan design required knowledge of the team itself – interviews, discussions, consensus building.

The outcome – a 10 year period of stability – is widely seen as a ‘success story’

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