Julia Hobart

Julia was a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Wealth and Asset Management practice in London. She joined Oliver Wyman in 2004 from Mercer, following its acquisition by MMC and worked there for over 25 years in the investment field, as a portfolio manager and investment consultant before becoming a strategy consultant.

She has worked with a wide range of clients, including asset managers, insurance companies, SWFs, pension funds and banks.

Her areas of expertise include strategic advice to clients operating in the investment arena, particularly in Europe and the Middle East, advice on organisational and operational effectiveness, product design and investment processes, understanding changing market conditions and regulations, and helping companies respond to new environments successfully.

Julia is the co-author of a series of major reports published with the World Economic Forum including the Future of the Global Financial System and the Future of Long-Term Investing. She also wrote the Op-Ed entitled ‘Women in portfolio management – the missing diversity multiplier’ for the firm’s Women in Financial Services publication series.

Julia was head of Mercer’s Investment Consulting business in Continental Europe, and led its Manager Advisory practice, providing strategic advice to asset management clients.

Julia holds an MA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cambridge University. She is a member of the Advisory Council for AIMSE Europe (the Association of Investment Management Sales Executives).