High-Growth Startups

Our expertise on High-Growth Startups

Our expertise is supporting the ambitions of newly minted companies and companies that are on a rapid growth trajectory, funded by institutional and private investors.

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We help build the incentives that our clients need to thrive and evolve.

Sometimes the aim is purely to grow, and fast. Companies in this mode need to stay ahead of the competition, increasing market share at pace, entering new markets and new geographies.

Often the strategy is fluid, or simply, initially to grow, grow, grow

These dynamic organisations need a particular type of specialism when it comes to choosing a consultant to work with, in designing remuneration programmes that will help attract the right talent with the right skills – motivating them to succeed and keeping them focussed on the ultimate long-term goal, as well as from heading over to the competition in the meantime.

Fast-paced start-ups need a consulting partner who understands that founders will have a particular vision. Their entrepreneurial aims for the business require highly tailored remuneration solutions that are agile enough to cope with a shape-shifting, volatile marketplace, but that will support a longer-term, sustainable vision that is palatable to investors too. Remuneration can be make or break.

At Rem.n, we work with many clients who are at this stage of this journey. They are all unique but have one thing in common – how to share the value created with the people that have helped deliver it.

Getting it right means ensuring that growth is delivered in the most effective way, motivating success by embedding the building blocks that will ultimately deliver long-term sustainable growth, whilst understanding the needs of investors to protect their capital.

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