Specialised Expertise

Our specialisation is remuneration

We help companies value their human resource: pay their employees fairly, motivate them with carefully designed incentives, offer wealth creation and alignment with the owners through employee equity and long-term incentives.

The team are highly experienced, and have worked across a wide range of business situations, and sectors.

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Areas of Expertise

High-Growth Startups

Our expertise is supporting the ambitions of newly minted companies and companies that are on a rapid growth trajectory, funded by institutional and private investors.



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Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide specialised support to companies as they grow through merger or acquisition, as well as organically.


Expert Witness

We provide Expert Witness reluctantly, since it is not our core activity. We are accomplished in this field, and the public record of our work in the UK High Court speaks for itself.


Industry Expertise


Sustainable Energy, Carbon management and Renewables are as much a part of the energy business fuelling our world as Oil & Gas did only a few years ago.



Our experience in media covers television, subscription television, television production, global music distribution, music recording and music publishing, news media and much more.


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