Clare Turner


Clare has worked in a number of different Professional Services firms throughout her career, including five different incarnations of Simon’s remuneration consulting team since 2000: Strategic Compensation Associates, Mercer HR Consulting (Performance Measurement and Rewards practice), Patterson Associates, Pearl Meyer, and Rem.n. Through these roles, she has not only developed a set of highly-tuned consulting skills, but also experienced first-hand the challenges and rewards of managing and growing consulting teams in various circumstances.

As an executive remuneration consultant, Clare has advised a wide variety of clients including large and small companies; listed, privately held and not-for-profit; in a range of different industries. The majority of her clients have been London-based, but she has also worked with organisations in various European countries, and beyond. Projects have addressed a broad set of issues including incentive design, performance measure selection and calibration, benchmarking, governance, investor relations, and NED remuneration.

Before focusing on the executive compensation field, Clare worked in strategy consulting for seven years, for Strategic Decisions Group, which specialised in using Decision Analysis techniques to help clients make high-stakes decisions under significant uncertainty. Clients were generally large companies in a range of industries including oil & gas exploration, pharmaceutical development, automotive manufacturing, and consumer technology. Initially based in the US, Clare worked for clients in the US and Canada, before relocating to London and working with clients across Europe.

  • MBA, Tuck School
  • BA, Eng, Oxford University
  • Executive Remuneration
  • NED Remuneration
  • Remuneration Governance
  • Performance metrics
  • Benchmarking
  • UK plc listed company regulation