The 2020 UK CEO Value Index

Published annually since 2012, the UK CEO Value Index aims to provide a unique perspective on pay for performance. Our unique and extensive database allows us to understand how remuneration committees are investing in their top executives, and the returns being made to shareholders.

The UK CEO Value Index measures how much value a CEO adds to their company for every pound they are paid. The Index has a simple methodology which remuneration committees can easily apply to their own companies.


Total Remuneration and Total Value Added are calculated over the four years from 2017 through to 2020. The calculation is applied only to those companies that have added value over the period. Data has been sourced as follows: Total Value Added figures were calculated from S&P CapIQ and Total Remuneration figures taken from Main Data Group and eReward.

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Simon Patterson is a managing director and the head of Rem.n. He is actively engaged as advisor to the remuneration committees of several FTSE 100 companies and some of the largest, and some of the fastest growing, companies globally. Mr Patterson consults widely on executive compensation, incentive compensation design, and performance measurement.

Catherine Chadwick is a vice president in Rem.n's London office. Catherine joined Rem.n in 2010 and works closely with remuneration committees and boards helping them to develop and implement effective remuneration strategies. She has extensive analytical experience including pay benchmarking, incentive design, performance metric selection and calibration, and communication.

Pearl Meyer agreed to divest its London operations on June 17th, 2022. Simon Patterson (Managing Director) and his team now own Remuneration Associates Ltd – an independent consulting firm working with clients around the world, which builds upon the legacy of the London operation.


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