City & Financial Global Remuneration Summit

The focus of the summit this year was primarily on the removal of the cap on bankers’ bonuses - one of the issues at the top of the agenda for Heads of Reward managing incentive compensation in financial institutions across the UK.

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The Canary in the Coalmine

I raise the subject of the canary because it has great relevance to incentive compensation design. It will most likely signal the beginning of yet another economic cycle, just as the failure of did on 18th May 2000...

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Remuneration Committees Need to Build Back Trust

Investors must wonder if they are speaking loudly enough after the 2021 annual general meeting (AGM) season. Of the FTSE 350 companies that put forward a new remuneration policy, 23 of them received 20% or more votes against their remuneration policy.

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Paying for Performance is So Yesterday

There have been many column inches written about one particular big pharma company in the last few weeks. I shall not name them here, but you may well have taken their vaccine. I have.

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Innovation, Agile Work, and Rewards

In late February, prior to the full emergence of the global pandemic, I was invited to chair the Neovation2020 event “Accelerating Agile,” a gathering of some of the most active and experienced practitioners of modern people management.

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Reflections on the 2019 UK CEO Value Index

Every year, Rem.n calculates the UK CEO Value Index by measuring how much value a CEO adds to their company for every pound they are paid. This simple methodology can easily be applied by remuneration committees anywhere.

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