The Sunday Times features the CEO Value Index 2023

Our 2023 CEO Value Index, and the 10 Year Anniversary supplement, has just been published. Good to see The Sunday Times cover that story, which came out on New Year's Eve.

The CEO Value Index has been published annually since 2012, and aims to provide a unique insight into pay-for-performance.

Our database allows us to understand how Remuneration Committees invest in their top executives, and the lessons learned – on pay levels, and performance levels.

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As Managing Director, Simon Patterson leads the team at Remuneration Associates (Rem.n), a specialty consulting firm focused on executive pay owned by the professional staff themselves. Formerly Pearl Meyer (London), the team have 35+ years of accumulated experience working together, they are actively engaged as advisors to remuneration committees of some of the largest and some of the fastest growing companies, globally. Mr Patterson and the team consult widely on executive compensation, incentive compensation design, and performance measurement.

Pearl Meyer agreed to divest its London operations on June 17th, 2022. Simon Patterson (Managing Director) and his team now own Remuneration Associates Ltd – an independent consulting firm working with clients around the world, which builds upon the legacy of the London operation.


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