Incentives for Growing Companies

A Rem.n Exclusive Knowledge Hub series on ten key incentives for growing companies

About the series

Welcome to our ten part 'occasional series' about key Incentives for Growing Companies. Watch the video to find out more.

No. 1 - Salary Benchmarking

How do pay packages at your company compare with the market, or with peers? Attract and retain talent by ensuring salaries and benefits are competitive.

No. 2 - Pay Equity Analysis

Its important to address gender and diversity pay gaps to ensure fair pay practices. Are you confident how to approach pay equity discussions and changes?

No. 3 - Flexible Remuneration Packages

The way people work has changed as a result of the pandemic – flexible working in some capacity is almost expected by employees. Check in to see how to develop flexible remuneration packages in line with market standards.

No. 4 - Performance-based Remuneration

Pay that aligns with performance i.e. if the business does well, you share in that success. Sounds simple… but there is a lot more to it than that.

No. 5 - Legal and Tax Aspects of Compensation

Legal requirements are constantly evolving when it comes to employee pay – keep up to date with legal and tax implications of various compensation strategies here at Rem.n.

No. 6 - Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

ESOPs are a great form of variable compensation which can only be used in businesses of a certain size. We provide further information on how to set up and manage these plans in this section.

No. 7 - Benefits Administration and Management

Is there a way to manage your benefits in a more cost effective and efficient way – find out more.

No. 8 - Creating a Culture of Recognition

Employees are your most valuable asset, so let’s make sure they feel valued and recognised. This, along with your strategy, should be at the centre of your pay policy.

No. 9 - Pension and Retirement Plans

Although pension schemes have been standardised over the last few years, there are still factors to consider when deciding what pension schemes to offer employees.

No. 10 - Managing Compensation in Times of Change

Whether its scaling up, dealing with economic downturns or navigating M&A, its important to understand how to adapt your remuneration strategy in response to change(s).


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