Neovation Conference 2023

On Tuesday 28th February 2023, starting at 9am, the Neovation Conference will be held at the Corinthia Hotel, London.

I highly recommend this event, if you can get in: follow this link – there is an excellent Agenda, packed with new ideas, superb panellists and a terrific group of attendees, already.

The last such conference was held in February 2020, probably one of the last such in-person conference in London before the pandemic hit us, so it is very inspiring to see the team re-convene. Last time, the Neovation Conference tackled ‘Agile Working’, this time it is attempting to re-work the way we manage reward. It is a hot topic, and will be of great interest to anyone working with remuneration, in general.

“Neovation is bringing together some of the business world’s most open-minded, forward-thinking professionals to dissect, challenge and change current Reward thinking. The output of this work will be the Reward Forward Manifesto. A twenty-first century strategy that will disrupt and reinvent how we practise Reward.”

See you there.


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As Managing Director, Simon Patterson leads the team at Remuneration Associates (Rem.n), a specialty consulting firm focused on executive pay owned by the professional staff themselves. Formerly Pearl Meyer (London), the team have 35+ years of accumulated experience working together, they are actively engaged as advisors to remuneration committees of some of the largest and some of the fastest growing companies, globally. Mr Patterson and the team consult widely on executive compensation, incentive compensation design, and performance measurement.

Pearl Meyer agreed to divest its London operations on June 17th, 2022. Simon Patterson (Managing Director) and his team now own Remuneration Associates Ltd – an independent consulting firm working with clients around the world, which builds upon the legacy of the London operation.


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