Farient Advisors merges with Remuneration Associates (Rem.n)

News from our Team in London

You may have seen that on March 8th we combined our operations with Farient Advisors /GECN Group (‘Farient’), the leading independent executive compensation and corporate governance consultancy. The combination is already working well, and Rem.n’s partners Simon Patterson and Stephen Cahill have joined Farient’s senior leadership team.

Robin Ferracone is the Founder and CEO, Farient Advisors/GECN Group. She has known Stephen and I for a long time. Robin is a friend and a professional of the very highest order. Farient has a superb reputation and is renowned for its commitment to rigorous and innovative analysis and solutions. Robin and Simon were partners from 1994 through 2004, at SCA Consulting and Mercer, Robin and Stephen were partners at Mercer. It is great to be working together again.

This merger strengthens Farient's corporate governance and compensation advisory services to public and private company boards. It also provides a market presence in the U.K. where differing governance rules and norms apply.

We are working through a comprehensive integration plan currently.

About Farient Advisors

Farient Advisors LLC is an independent premier executive compensation, performance, and corporate governance consultancy. Farient provides a full array of services, linking business strategy to compensation through a tailored, analytically rigorous, and collaborative approach. Farient has locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Louisville and works with clients globally through its partnership in the Global Governance and Executive Compensation (GECN) Group. Farient is a certified diverse company and is recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

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Brian Sherry
Stern Strategy Group

As Managing Director, Simon Patterson leads the team at Remuneration Associates (Rem.n), a specialty consulting firm focused on executive pay owned by the professional staff themselves. Formerly Pearl Meyer (London), the team have 35+ years of accumulated experience working together, they are actively engaged as advisors to remuneration committees of some of the largest and some of the fastest growing companies, globally. Mr Patterson and the team consult widely on executive compensation, incentive compensation design, and performance measurement.

Pearl Meyer agreed to divest its London operations on June 17th, 2022. Simon Patterson (Managing Director) and his team now own Remuneration Associates Ltd – an independent consulting firm working with clients around the world, which builds upon the legacy of the London operation.


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